Today in Music 4/20/17

Today was a good day for music! My good friend reminded me of a few songs we used to know how to play long ago and had since forgotten about. The first is by a band called the Arctic Monkeys from High Green, United Kingdom.  The second is by a familiar band – Blink 182 and lastly a great song by a band named Midtown from New Brunswick, NJ.


Track #2: R U Mine

Tabs: R U Mine Bass Tab

Music: R U Mine Video


Track #14: Here’s Your Letter

Tabs: Here’s Your Letter Bass Tab

Music: Here’s Your Letter Video


Track #1: Become What You Hate

Tabs: Become What You Hate Bass Tab

Music: Become What You Hate Video



Today in Music 4/13/17

I’m not dead! Sorry it’s been a while, I recently got a new full time job and its been eating up all of my free bass playing time. In the past 2 weeks I’ve only learned two songs, the first by a band called Millencolin.  You should recognize that name from my last post as I learned another one of their songs last time. The other band is Blink 182 who I’m sure you’ve heard of regardless of if you like their music or not.


Track #1: No Cigar

Tabs: No Cigar Bass Tab

Music: No Cigar Video


Track #1: Anthem Part 2

Tabs: Anthem Part 2 Bass Tab

Music: Anthem Part 2 Video


Today in Music 3/26/17

Today I learned a couple of songs from three different bands. The first was a band by the name of Silverstein from Ontario, Canada. The second was from a band named At The Drive-In from El Paso, Texas. Lastly, I learned a song by a band named Millencolin from Orebro, Sweden.  These bands span several genres but all have a prominent spot on my current playlist.


Track #4: Fist Wrapped in Blood

Tabs: Fist Wrapped in Blood Bass Tab

Music: Fist Wrapped in Blood Video


Track #9: Quarantined

Tabs: Quarantined Bass Tab

Music: Quarantined Video


Track #9: Battery Check

Tabs: Battery Check Bass Tab

Music: Battery Check Video


Today in Music 3/9/2017

Today I learned three songs by a popular band named New Found Glory from Coral Springs, FL.  I originally heard them during middle school when they were on a record label by the name of Drive-Thru Records which had several popular pop-punk bands of that time. Originally founded in 1997 they are still going strong today, set to release a new album this April.


Track #8: Failure’s Not Flattering

Tabs: Failure’s Not Flattering Bass Tab

Music: Failure’s Not Flattering Video


Track #1: Understatement

Tabs: Understatement Bass Tab

Music: Understatement Video

Track #7: Forget My Name

Tabs: Forget My Name Bass Tab

Music: Forget My Name Video


Today in Music 3/1/2017

Today I learned a couple of songs from two different bands. The first was a band by the name of Alexisonfire (Alexis on fire) from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The second was from a band named Underoath from Tampa, Florida. Both are of similar “post-hardcore” genres of rock music but have different approaches to the music.

Image result for alexisonfire watchout

Track #2: Control

Tabs: Control Bass Tab

Music: Control Video

Image result for define the great line album cover

Track #8: Moving for the Sake of Motion

Tabs: Moving for the Sake of Motion Bass Tab

Music: Moving for the Sake of Motion Video


Today in Music 2/27/17

Today I learned a few songs by a band named Thursday from New Brunswick, New Jersey.  They are by far my favorite band of all time and in fact, their drummer and guitarist attended the same high school as me (a few years earlier).


Track #5: Streaks in the Sky

Tabs: Streaks in the Sky Bass Tab

Music: Streaks in the Sky Video


Track #6: Asleep in the Chapel

Tabs: Asleep in the Chapel Bass Tab

Music: Asleep in the Chapel Video


Track # 11: How Long is The Night

Tabs: How Long is The Night Bass Tab

Music: How Long is The Night Video


Today in Music 2/20/17

Today I learned a few songs by a band named Title Fight from Kingston, Pennsylvania. I’ve listened to them for some time and finally decided it was time to pick up my bass and try these songs out for myself.

All of the songs are off their second album, Floral Green, which was released in 2012.


Track #1: Numb, but I Still Feel It.

Tabs: Numb, but I Still Feel It Bass Tab

Music: Numb, but I Still Feel It Video

Track #3: Like a Ritual

Tabs: Like a Ritual Bass Tab

Music: Like a Ritual Video

Track #4: Secret Society

Tabs: Secret Society Bass Tab

Music: Secret Society Video